We owe the construction of this chapel to the testamentary disposition of a member of one of Le Cannet's founding families: Guillaume Calvy. It was thus built in 1557 to "honour God, Notre Dame des Anges and Saint-Crépin, in the vineyard of the lieu-dit Vallon de Malleys" (Saint-Crépin being the patron saint of cobblers, Guillaume Calvy's profession).

The church contains a poorly lit and rectangular nave, and a porch open onto the outdoors. The entrance of the porch is composed of a large arched doorway resting on moulded capitals. This type of porch, known as a "narthex", enabled the catechumens to follow the religious services without entering the church – the narthex of the Saint-Sauveur Chapel was destroyed on the 20th of November 1884 in order to widen rue Saint-Sauveur. Two low walls ending in pillars frame a little wooden gate that closes the porch at mid-height. Three arcades resting on moulded abacus pillars are carved into the lateral walls. The exterior of the nave is covered in an ochre coating, whereas the archway and pillars are coated in white.

Today, the chapel is used by the Orthodox Church. After the war, the Chavanne de Dalmassy and Cosmétatos families, town benefactors, began to conduct Christian and Orthodox services there. In order to carry on this tradition, on the 8th of September of each year, the chapel holds the nativity celebration of Notre-Dame la Vierge Marie. The Curate of the Parish of Le Cannet conducts the service in the presence of an archpriest of the Nice Greek Orthodox Church.