La Sarbacane

sarbacane-INTA typical Parisian brasserie menu with traditional dishes that are greatly appreciated by the customers of this friendly restaurant. Andouillette in a mustard sauce, veal blanquette, black pudding with apples, the day's specials and dishes à la carte (which offers a wide variety of meats, pizzas and pasta) to be enjoyed at a small bistro table on the terrace or inside.

For a cosier atmosphere you may prefer the dining room below.With a vaulted ceiling, exposed stone walls, clothed tables and glass-covered red table sets, this dining area is restful and perfect for a romantic dinner.

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Le London

Le-LONDON-INTA simple restaurant which offers you a different menu for each day of the week, except Thursdays and Fridays. The first being reserved for couscous, the second for aioli, two dishes that are universally acclaimed.

Next to the bar, the restaurant enjoys the use of its flowery terrace, decked with flower pots and box hedges. The inside eating area is functional, with nothing flashy about it. Because here, what's important is what is on your plate, be it a simple sandwich or traditional calf liver with raspberry sauce served with potato purée.

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Le Square

LE-SQUARE-EXTA friendly and elegant atmosphere characterises this pleasant brasserie and its large terrace left uncovered when the weather is fair.

The menu is traditional and offers all the classics, such as steak, prime rib, battered veal cutlet, pizzas, salads, home-made foie gras...; the greater part of which is prepared with fresh products. And once on your plate, that makes all the difference!

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Le Tivoli

tivoliClose to the Bonnard museum, this brasserie has all the charm of a restaurant in which one would like to linger, whether it be on the sunny terrace or in the dinning room.

With its small white-clothed tables and wood and bottle green-coloured bar, le Tivoli makes you feel at ease and ready to order as preferred a few snails or oysters to start with, before choosing a fish or meat dish. The aioli served on Fridays is particularly good, and if you want something fresh, you'll enjoy the Mediterranean flavours, cherry tomatoes, shavings of Parmesan, small courgettes... of a salad bearing an ideal name: that of the museum!

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Lou Miedjou

LOUThis is a small friendly restaurant with a simple, welcoming and comfortable decor. Ebony bistro tables, café banquettes, old-style walls and retro tiling on the floor, with yellow metallic chairs on the terrace, in its homage to Provence.
But it is above all in the food where you will find the best flavours, with the specials board, such as Provencal rabbit, stew and Provencal farcis, etc.

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California Sushi Store

California-extTo settle down on this restaurant's terrace shaded by a sky blue awning is to enjoy its great location, facing the Bonnard museum, to travel through the United States exploring its menus "San Diego", "San Francisco", "Long Beach", "Hollywood"... and to dream of Japan while savouring your sushi, Maki, yakitori, chirachi - a thin slice of fish on vinegared rice -, or even California Rolls.

A unique concept: to combine French gastronomy - with home-made sauces and recipes - with the Japanese culture, a true "French touch sushi".

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Kashiwa-platThis Japanese restaurant is a family business that produces delightful meals. Worth trying are the classic sushi, sashimi, maki, as well as traditional but less famous Japanese dishes such as domburi (bowls of rice covered with tuna, chicken or eel) or Sunomono
(octopus, algae, cucumber or cooked fish salads).

All served in an authentic décor: indoors, prints hung on the walls, ebony tables, red chopsticks and napkins, and outdoors, a large wooden table and bench chests furnishing the charming vine-shaded terrace.

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L'Escapade gourmande

ESCAPADE-GOURM-INT-2Assortment of tapas, tortillas, Manchego or Serrano platters to be enjoyed with a glass of Ibéricos Rioja, or à la carte dishes, paëlla Valenciana, Cataluna tartar a never ending string of appetizers... discover the Iberian wine cellar atmosphere that haunts this small two storey restaurant.

The Chef offers you a range of authentic flavours to be savoured here or taken home with you. The deco is made of an array of materials - wood, stone, metal - and shades - from chestnut to ebony- that blend to create a truly cosy moment.

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Indochine-facadeAn exotic atmosphere has settled harmoniously over this small two storey restaurant. A black sign, wenge wood braided chairs, fuchsia door frames and place sets all create an elegant and welcoming setting that reflects the qualities of traditional and refined Vietnamese cuisine - to be enjoyed in the restaurant or as a take-away. The menu also offers "Franco-Viet" dishes in which Asiatic flavours blend with local delicacies, producing dishes such as the assortment of Indochina hors d'oeuvres, Thai noodles cooked with
vegetables and duck magret, and to round the meal off, the coconut milk and candied ginger crème caramel.

For the pleasure of eating and spending time together, friends, colleagues and families also meet up here every friday evening from 7 pm to 11 pm for karaoke.

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La Rizière

LA-RIZIERE-EXT2Open for over 30 years, the reputation of this Vietnamese restaurant is unassailable. It offers the traditional spring rolls, steamed dumplings, Peking duck, sate beef, beef with onions, curried chicken, chicken with gambas, noodles and rice... but all with one difference: everything is home-made.

Settle on the terrace off place Bellevue or in the small indoor dining room with its traditional and welcoming deco – wood and shades of purple apply! – and let the owner, assisted by her sister, take charge in the kitchen while her friendly husband serves you an aperitif.

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