California Sushi Store

California-extTo settle down on this restaurant's terrace shaded by a sky blue awning is to enjoy its great location, facing the Bonnard museum, to travel through the United States exploring its menus "San Diego", "San Francisco", "Long Beach", "Hollywood"... and to dream of Japan while savouring your sushi, Maki, yakitori, chirachi - a thin slice of fish on vinegared rice -, or even California Rolls.

A unique concept: to combine French gastronomy - with home-made sauces and recipes - with the Japanese culture, a true "French touch sushi".

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Kashiwa-platThis Japanese restaurant is a family business that produces delightful meals. Worth trying are the classic sushi, sashimi, maki, as well as traditional but less famous Japanese dishes such as domburi (bowls of rice covered with tuna, chicken or eel) or Sunomono
(octopus, algae, cucumber or cooked fish salads).

All served in an authentic décor: indoors, prints hung on the walls, ebony tables, red chopsticks and napkins, and outdoors, a large wooden table and bench chests furnishing the charming vine-shaded terrace.

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Pizza Gourmet

PIZZA-GOURMET-INTA gourmet voyage is on offer in this pizzeria with flavours from across the globe.

In addition to the "unavoidable" pizza classics, the "Globetrotters", combine exotic marinades with the home-made dough prepared in the finest Italian tradition. The Mexican evokes chili con carne, the Thai, composed of gambas and squid, is spiced up with lemongrass and coriander, the Chinese is garnished with honey-marinated broccoli, while the Indian brings to mind chicken tikka massala...

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The Play Off

Le-PLAY-OFF-plat-2Tex-Mex cuisine has pride of place in this sporting restaurant in which boxing photos, football shirt posters, small black tables and red napkins set the tone.

5 plasma screens will enable you to follow the match or sports broadcast of your choice while savouring tacos, tapas, burritos, quesadilla, chili con carne... or, in the finest American tradition, a burger served with potatoes, roasted corn on the cob, and salad. Also not to be missed are the steak tartar, bison steak and traditional t-bone. Excellent!

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