douceur azur

Spending a winter in Le Cannet is like enjoying a second spring...

With 2,959 hours of sunshine, the equivalent of 123 sunny days, Le Cannet is a town synonymous with good living, much appreciated by visitors and tourists for its pleasant climate.

It owes its fame to Doctor Pietra Santa who was sent there by Napoleon the third in the end of the 19th century, to conduct a study of Mediterranean climates. "I call this charming valley the Madeira of France" he observed on returning from that island. He was also convinced that, with its sheltered location, Le Cannet was "destined to a great future as a winter resort. It is a perfect hilly area".

The town was to reaffirm over time that it was appreciated for its climate whatever the season. It was first frequented mainly by French and foreign aristocrats who stayed there for long stretches of time. "The great of the world are deserting their castles for the duration of the winter... ". In 1906 the town counted no less than 4 hotels, 6 boarding houses and over 75 villas available for seasonal rental, in order to accommodate this clientele seeking sun and milder temperatures.

Today, Le Cannet welcomes you all year round to come and enjoy its Mediterranean climate, with temperatures which are particularly agreeable in the springtime.