On footsteps of Bonnard

A landscape and works of art

Sur les pas Bonnard Paysage

"During my morning walks I amuse myself by defining our various concepts of landscapes, "space" landscape, intimate landscape, decorative landscape, etc. But each day I take in different elements, the sky, the objects, everything is constantly changing, one could end up drowning in it. But it enables us to live". (Pierre Bonnard, 1940)

Landscapes played an essential role in the work of Pierre Bonnard. His landscapes are what distinguish him. To him, conversing with nature became equivalent to conversing with paint. "I invent nothing, I just look", said he. Bonnard cultivated this gift for observation daily during his rambles over the hills behind his house. These were moments in which he "took in life". Always with a notebook and pencil at hand, he wrote down, in detail or with a single word, an indication of the weather – "fine", "rain", "hail shower", "in fine but chilly weather there is vermilion in the orange shadows and purple in the grey ones" –, his thoughts, his reflections and pencils in spontaneous sketches.

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Cultural itinerary

Sur les pas Bonnard Parcours

The path starts off at the Bonnard museum and leads you along the Siagne canal, passing near the painter's Le Bosquet studio-house. A moment of strong emotions, the walk conjures up memories of the painter's daily rambles along the paths of Le Cannet. Following the trail's five segments you discover the landscapes that inspired some of Bonnard's most beautiful paintings.

All along the path lecterns exhibit some of the painter's work, enabling the visitor to discover his original source of inspiration. A stroll that is a way of entry into the painter's universe, into his exploration of landscapes and the light of the Midi. Several panoramic views still evoke the strong ties uniting Bonnard to nature and the land of Le Cannet.


Complete itinerary: 1.5 to 2 hours / 4.5 km
High gradients

1. Musée Bonnard – Rue Saint-Sauveur – The old chemin de Vallauris
Starting from the Musée Bonnard, turn left towards the Town hall to get to the lectern n°1. Then return in the direction of the museum, and to its left, take rue des Prés and follow it until you reach rue Saint-Sauveur. Go down the steps to the Saint-Sauveur Chapel and turn left into rue des Ardissons. Then follow rue de l'Abreuvage until you reach rue Mermoz to find the lectern n°2. Retrace your steps and climb up the old chemin de Vallauris (on the right of rue de l'Abreuvage). These steep alleys bring to mind the heart of vieux-Cannet. Pierre Bonnard was enchanted by this site. He managed to capture its activity that brings his paintings to life.

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