Come to Le Cannet

Autoroute A8 : Exit Cannes-Mougins N° 42

Links by coach :

  • Phocéens Cars : To Aix-en-Provence - Marseille : leaving from Pl. Benidorm, av. du Campon, to Le Cannet
  • TAM network : To Nice airport (Line 210) : leaving from Pl. Benidorm, av. du Campon, to Le Cannet
  • Bus Azur : To Cannes : Line 1, line 4, line 10, line 11, line 12, line 35...

International links by touring company buses :

  • Eurolines : To Spain - Portugal - Italy... : leaving from Place Benidorm, av. du Campon, to Le Cannet

Flight connections :

  • Nice International Airport Côte d'Azur
  • Cannes-Mandelieu Airport

Rail links :

  • Cannes SNCF- Station direct lines Marseille – Lyon-Paris-Geneva-Milan-Venice-Florence - Rome



Public transport

With ticket 1.50 euros (10 euros for 10 trips), the trip allows you to move across the network in and around Cannes, through different connections within 59 minutes. In addition, this ticket also allows you to continue your journey in a departmental correspondence line network TAM (Transport Alpes-Maritimes) to Nice, Grasse ... (excluding direct dial airport by motorway).

Midnight Bus line A / E

This line will take you to the Town of Cannes and train station to Mirandoles through the City of Le Cannet, Rocheville and The Palestra.
This line works differently (and time stops) following the news: Cannes Film Festival, summer ...

Information : Bus Azur



Hep Taxi Le Cannet : +33 (0)820 06 60 00 (0,118 euros / mn)