PeynetBorn in Paris, at the age of 15 Raymond Peynet entered the school of Applied Arts... that just happened to be right opposite the bistro of his parents, Auvergnats who had moved to Paris a few years earlier. But it was only when he started work at the "Tolmer" advertising agency that he really began to learn his job as an illustrator, by carrying out various tasks: from sweeping of the agency to creating labels for perfume bottles and biscuit tins and designing various ads.

In 1930, Raymond Peynet married Denise, who bore the fated surname of "Damour". In order to earn a better living, he published his drawings in the Parisian press which was profuse in those days: le Rire, Rire à deux, Paris Magazine, The Boulevardier – a magazine reserved for Brits living in Paris –, etc.

1942 marked a turning point in his life. Having to hand over a confidential letter to a correspondent in Valence, in the Drôme department, Raymond Peynet found himself waiting at the rendez-vous point, sitting on a bench opposite the famous Valence bandstand (listed as a historic monument since 1892). Seated there, he imagined a long-haired violinist playing alone in the bandstand, listened to by a single admirer.

A few years later the violinist had become a poet... and his admirer was his partner. "Les Amoureux de Peynet" (the Peynet lovers) were born! And they travelled around the world... on porcelain, scarves, medals, as dolls, statues – such as the one set up in Hiroshima, Japan –, in books... on everything symbolising Love! Brassens even confided that he would not have written his song "les bancs publics" (public benches) without Les Amoureux de Peynet. It also inspired Charles Aznavour to write a song that was sung by Marcel Amont, "les Amoureux de Papier" (the Paper Lovers). Today, 4 museums are dedicated to les Amoureux de Peynet: Antibes, Brassac les Mines (the birthplace of Raymond Peynet's mother), Karuizawa (Nagano - Japan) and Sakuto-cho (Okayama - Japan).

In 1990, Raymond Peynet co-created with fresco painter Guy Ceppa a fresco on the façade of an old house, "Le mur des amoureux de Peynet" (the wall of lovers by Peynet). An inevitable stop for newly-weds, a symbol of the joy of living, and represents a united couple flying over the Garden of Eden.

An honorary citizen of Le Cannet, Raymond Peynet passed away at the age of 90 on the 14th of January, 1999... one month before his Valentine's day!