Entre-amisThe opening days, stroll along the lively stalls and alleys of the markets of place Jean Jaurès or place Foch in Rocheville and fill your basket will local flavours: fava beans, tomatoes, tapenade... Then enjoy a tour of the Bonnard museum, the only museum in the world to be dedicated to the work of this major artist of the 19th and 20th centuries.

At midday, share a picnic lunch as you walk in The Footsteps of Bonnard. Explore nature and culture as you follow a trail that will lead you on a voyage to discover the artist's paintings and the landscapes that inspired him. Or if you're dreaming of spending an afternoon in the countryside, head off to Cour de Goule. These beautiful woodlands cover an area of over 3 hectares and welcome all kinds of activities, from dozing in the shade of a plane tree, to walking along their paths or working your way along their 700-meter fitness trail, complete with balance beam, stretching beam, slalom and abdominal board.


Towards the end of the day, enjoy a visit of vieux-Cannet. Maps featuring a walking circuit are available at the tourism information desks. Or if you wish for a guide, head to the Sainte-Catherine Church for a one hour and a half guided tour to "discover the historical and cultural riches of vieux-Cannet".

To end the day, enjoy one of Le Cannet's lively summer nights or simply have dinner on the terrace of one of the town's friendly restaurants.