... As a couple


Start the day with a visit to the Bonnard museum, and then set off to meet the artists and artist-craftsmen of rue Saint-Sauveur. Painters, sculptors, jewellery designers and stained glass creators will open the doors of their studios to you, to share their passion and skill. At lunchtime, take a break and enjoy a gourmet break in one of the street's restaurants. Then stroll along its narrow lanes, and as they lead you onto a tiny square or past a beautiful façade painted in typical Provencal colours, discover the unique heritage of vieux-Cannet. And make sure you stop at the "mur des amoureux de Peynet" (the wall of lovers by Peynet) to take a souvenir photo...

Towards the end of afternoon, as the sun begins to set, go for a walk in the Footsteps of Bonnard. The walk starts off at the Bonnard museum and takes you along the Siagne Canal, passing near the painter's studio-house Le Bosquet. All along the path, you will find lecterns displaying the artist's paintings which were inspired by the surrounding landscape. A rare moment to savour nature and art... capped by a stop at the Chichourliers promontory. The belvedere is covered in olive trees and offers a breathtaking view, especially at sunset.

At the end of the day, enjoy the balmy evenings of the Côte d'Azur with a starlit dinner. Many restaurants have pleasant Mediterranean terraces, with a sea view for those of place Bellevue in vieux-Cannet.


... For a family outing


Start the day with a visit to the Bonnard museum. It is fully air-conditioned, and depending on the time of year, you will be able to explore its permanent collections or enjoy a temporary exhibition. Each summer the museum prepares special workshops for the benefit of your children. The "3" workshops addressed to 6 to 12 year-olds will take your children outside to experience sketching outdoors as did Bonnard. For smaller children (3 to 5 year-olds accompanied by a parent), the museum organises special visits with observation games, riddles, anecdotes, jigsaws, tales and mimes depending on the theme of the visit.

At lunchtime, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of gourmet restaurants, brasseries and snack bars – many of which offer a children's menu. You will also find many sandwich bars and pizzerias... food to please everyone!


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... Amongst friends

Entre-amisThe opening days, stroll along the lively stalls and alleys of the markets of place Jean Jaurès or place Foch in Rocheville and fill your basket will local flavours: fava beans, tomatoes, tapenade... Then enjoy a tour of the Bonnard museum, the only museum in the world to be dedicated to the work of this major artist of the 19th and 20th centuries.

At midday, share a picnic lunch as you walk in The Footsteps of Bonnard. Explore nature and culture as you follow a trail that will lead you on a voyage to discover the artist's paintings and the landscapes that inspired him. Or if you're dreaming of spending an afternoon in the countryside, head off to Cour de Goule. These beautiful woodlands cover an area of over 3 hectares and welcome all kinds of activities, from dozing in the shade of a plane tree, to walking along their paths or working your way along their 700-meter fitness trail, complete with balance beam, stretching beam, slalom and abdominal board.


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... As a group


Enjoy the festive atmosphere of La Palestre. Its modular 2,000 square meters host gala evenings, seminars, concerts, sporting events... It can accommodate 4,456 persons sitting and standing, 1,300 place settings for gala dinners, has a 115-m2 VIP lounge – with seating for 110 –, 4 boxes, 3 cloakrooms and 2 catering halls.

Under a starlit sky... Offer your guests an unforgettable evening with a private tour of the Bonnard museum followed by a cocktail party on its large 187-m2 terrace.
You can also organize an event in the Tivoli open-air theatre, a superb 1,140-m2 venue set in the heart of the gardens. It has a 174-m2 stage, 1,500 seats, 600 place settings for gala dinners and 4 boxes.

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