In 1552, the White Penitents of the St Bernardin order, who were planning to build a chapel dedicated to their saint, were donated a piece of land next to the Sainte-Catherine Church. They therefore built their chapel there.

The two constructions merged into a single building, with two different bell towers. This chapel can be recognised by its 18 m high quadrangular bell tower, topped by a polygonal belfry and a dome covered in coloured tiles. Attached for a long time to the White Penitents' brotherhood, the chapel became the headquarters of the popular Sans-Culottes society of Le Cannet during the French Revolution. In 1924, the unused chapel changed vocation.

Registered on the French Supplementary Historic Monument List since the 29th of October 1926, it became in 1999 a venue for cultural exhibitions, contemporary art shows, photo exhibits...