Le London

Le-LONDON-INTA simple restaurant which offers you a different menu for each day of the week, except Thursdays and Fridays. The first being reserved for couscous, the second for aioli, two dishes that are universally acclaimed.

Next to the bar, the restaurant enjoys the use of its flowery terrace, decked with flower pots and box hedges. The inside eating area is functional, with nothing flashy about it. Because here, what's important is what is on your plate, be it a simple sandwich or traditional calf liver with raspberry sauce served with potato purée.

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Le Square

LE-SQUARE-EXTA friendly and elegant atmosphere characterises this pleasant brasserie and its large terrace left uncovered when the weather is fair.

The menu is traditional and offers all the classics, such as steak, prime rib, battered veal cutlet, pizzas, salads, home-made foie gras...; the greater part of which is prepared with fresh products. And once on your plate, that makes all the difference!

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tivoliClose to the Bonnard museum, this brasserie has all the charm of a restaurant in which one would like to linger, whether it be on the sunny terrace or in the dinning room.

With its small white-clothed tables and wood and bottle green-coloured bar, le Tivoli makes you feel at ease and ready to order as preferred a few snails or oysters to start with, before choosing a fish or meat dish. The aioli served on Fridays is particularly good, and if you want something fresh, you'll enjoy the Mediterranean flavours, cherry tomatoes, shavings of Parmesan, small courgettes... of a salad bearing an ideal name: that of the museum!

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Lou Miedjou

LOUThis is a small friendly restaurant with a simple, welcoming and comfortable decor. Ebony bistro tables, café banquettes, old-style walls and retro tiling on the floor, with yellow metallic chairs on the terrace, in its homage to Provence.
But it is above all in the food where you will find the best flavours, with the specials board, such as Provencal rabbit, stew and Provencal farcis, etc.

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