City and the Applied Arts

The city and the applied arts label


«It's an invitation to come and discover the sometimes unknown resources of the French spirit, for which creation is dedicated to a certain Art de Vivre...»

François Doubin, former minister and founding president of the eponymous association, thus defined the "City and the Applied Arts" label. A saying that is as true today as it was then... as Le Cannet cultivates its art de vivre daily!

The City and the Applied Arts label was thus created in May 1992, the outcome of a meeting between local elected officials and professionals to promote professions, some of which date back many centuries. It is awarded to towns that are actively involved in helping craftsmen, in furthering the creation of workshops and in creating local promotion structures. First distinguished in 2004, Le Cannet is one of 64 French towns to hold this title, and one of 5 in the Alpes-Maritimes region.



Artists and craftspeople


Traditional professions

Artist craftsmen working in rue Saint-Sauveur are often master artisans that are highly respected in their respective fields. Two outstanding goldsmiths working at opposite ends of the street, Daniel Arnoul and Marc Maroni, share an extremely rare skill enabling them to create gold objects, a favourite present with princes and influential people in the 16th century.

Michel Camps, who restores paintings in his "atelier des Impiniers" studied first at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris (Paris School of Fine Arts) and then at the école du Louvre. Guy Paquinet, who has been working in rue Saint-Sauveur for 35 years, went to the Faidherbe-Chaligny école des tapissiers (Upholstery School). The "Maison Salanson" spectacle maker was trained at the prestigious école d'optique et d'horlogerie de Morez (school of watchmaking and creating optical instruments). Master luthier Nicolas Chassaing went to the "Antonio Stradivari School of Violin Making of Cremona"... resume excerpts that reveal the impressive professional backgrounds of the rue Saint-Sauveur craftsmen.

These craft workshops as well as others located in rue Saint-Sauveur – Cabinet-making "Atelier d'Eric", jeweller "Diamonds & difference" or "Saint-Sauveur Décor" – all share a similar passion for their crafts. They have succeeded in preserving and updating their traditions, while, for some of them, combining skill and inspiration to produce contemporary designs.


A palette of artists

A constant source of new encounters and artistic walks, rue Saint-Sauveur is also home to many artists. "Graine d'étoiles" and "Very Micky" specialise in jewellery manufacturing, "Urushi" in lacquer objects and paintings. You will be able to admire paintings at "l'atelier Gourdon" and "Sarah Kasmo", prints and engravings at "l'Atelier", stained glass artwork at "Artvitrail", sculptures at "Vida Parme", and ceramics at "Terre à terres"... A variety of arts, techniques – see also photographer "Fotodeclik" or engraver and printer "Cannettimbres" – and creations that unite to create rue Saint-Sauveur's unique atmosphere.

A visit you will enjoy all the more if you stop to enjoy a quick snack, lunch or dinner at the terrace of one of the street's many restaurants.

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