Vieux-Cannet plunges its visitors into a typical Provençal atmosphere, with its narrow streets, tiny squares, colourful ochre and yellow façades and flower-clad balconies. Stroll along under a clear blue sky, enjoying the song of the cicadas.

In the older parts of Vieux-Cannet you will also discover many fountains. For a long time they constituted the hamlets' only source of water supply, and as such became the soul of Mediterranean villages throughout Provence. These fountains and the communal village washhouses were an essential part of everyday life and a favourite spot for the exchanging of news.

The oldest fountains, which were probably built before Le Cannet became a permanent settlement, include the fontaine de Perée in quartier Sainte-Catherine (it was built towards the end of the 16th century and now no longer exists) and the Fontaine des Calvys, set in the village square. The spout of the latter bears a small orifice making it possible to drink straight from the fountain. Blocking the spout causes the water to spring out of the hole and straight into the drinker's mouth.


From 1832 to 1908, thirteen fountains were built in the town, with some difficulty, especially in the case of the first ones which caused a few local quarrels. The Western part of vieux-Cannet was the first to be equipped, followed by the Eastern part. Over the years, many fountains were transformed, moved or enlarged, according to the needs of the inhabitants.

They are almost all set against a wall. Some, such as the Fontaine des Danys and Fontaine du Cros, are shaped like porticoes, with a lauze stone slab set across two pillars as a roof. Others are embellished with decorative features, mascarons, earthenware tiles, etc. While some of the older fountains have a trough for watering domestic animals, most are fitted with a single stone basin.
Although today they are merely decorative, they have retained all their charm.

Map of the fountains

1/ Fontaine des Calvys (no date available), place Bellevue
2/ Fontaine des Escarasses, (1832) rue Saint-Sauveur
3/ Fontaine de la Croix (1839), route des Bréguières, route de Valbonne
4/ Fontaine des Gourrins (1839), rue Victor Hugo
5/ Fontaine des Michels (1839), rue des Michels
6/ Fontaine de Sainte-Catherine (1839), rue Sainte-Catherine
7/ Fontaine du Cros (1867), rue du Cros
8/ Fontaine des Danys (1867), rue des Danys
9/ Fontaine des Ardissons (1867 / 1888), rue des Ardissons / rue Saint-Sauveur
10/ Fontaine du Four à Chaux (1895), boulevard du Maréchal Foch
11/ Fontaine Bd Gambetta (1908), boulevard Gambetta / rue Auguste Tavel
12/ Fontaine du Moulin (1908), rue du Moulin / rue Saint Sauveur
13/ Fontaine du Terminus (1908), rue Saint-Sauveur
14/ Fontaine du bd Carnot (1908), rue Cdt Lamy / Boulevard Carnot