Oliviers-Canal-SiagneThe vegetation of Le Cannet can rival with that of Giono or Pagnol's Provence. It is filled with plane trees, much appreciated for the shade provided by their dense foliage, pine trees and hackberries, elegant trees that produce small red non-edible fruit.

There are also many olive trees, emblematic of Provence and the South of France. The unique shape and colour of the leaves of these famous and majestic trees are a source of inspiration for table fabric (tablecloths, place settings) and household objects. Its fruit, the olive, produces perfumed oil and is used in the preparation of culinary specialities such as tapenade, a thick and homogeneous olive paste much appreciated in the Midi as an aperitif.

The traditional Bitter Orange tree is also an essential part of Le Cannet. Its delicately scented flowers produce wonderful perfumes. Its fruit is used to make a delicious jam as well as a sweet wine known as "vin d'orange". You can taste it on a visit to one of the two associations of the town's old families (for more information call +33 (0)4 92 18 21 66), or even make it yourself:


Recipe for Home-made Vin d'orange
- the zest of 10 bitter oranges from Bitter Orange trees
- 2 sweet oranges cut into pieces
- 1 whole lemon cut into pieces
- 5 litres of Provence rosé wine
- ½ litre of 90 % alcohol
- 1 kg of caster sugar
- 2 sticks of vanilla

Leave to macerate for 45 days, then strain and bottle the wine.

Now sit back and enjoy it! In moderation...